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I collect astrophilately related to Soviet/Russian space program. My collection is not very big or valuable and by no means complete – I add new stuff all the time. By now, there are around 4200 covers. I am focused on the Soviet/Russian space activities, without any dedication to the general essence of philately, putting in items like club covers, souvenir sheets and vignettes, considered by many as “philatelic garbage”, but let it be!


I was asked to add pricing and "rarity" factor to the covers. Frankly I don't feel comfortable with this as I do not monitor the market. I can only put the numbers for the most valuable items, for what I've bought them.

My vision has been transformed with the time collecting, thus some ideas came to light, while others vanished – I gained experience. I thought about creating a window – internet site – for quite a long time, thus not completely understanding why do I need it? Coming through the forums and various resources I finally made it up – I want to present my stuff. May be one finds it interesting ….

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