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Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) was a milestone by two major aspects – this was a first act of cooperation between two space-super-powers and last Apollo flight. Taking these in consideration, the philately side of the project was highly active, beginning with the signature of the Agreement between US and USSR back in 1972. All major and minor steps of the project were documented and carefully presented on numerous cachets and cancellations. I glided into the subject some couple of years ago and found myself in a sea. Time passed and sea shrunk to a lake and further – but still, I believe, I am half way in my ASTP inventory. Needless to say, besides all the various cachets and covers and cancellations – the most desirable is one of 25 covers taken aboard Soyuz-19 by Valery Kubasov.


I thought about categorizing my collection in general and ASTP in particular and came to the present formula of sub-topics. Possibly there are arguable moments, but in general, I believe that following categories are best suitable for all the stuff available at the moment.


While thinking about ASTP philately inventory, I collect only the items from the countries that are related to the project – US, USSR/ Russia and others that hosted tracking and communications stations plus some alternative "comrades" as exceptions.


So let see what I have …


ASTP telecommunication covers