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This section of my collection is dealing with Soviet propaganda items that not directly related to space events. After the launch of Sputnik and following space achievements, space attributes became very common on Soviet postal art. From the children postcards to the anniversaries of Great October Revolution, the artworks often included space elements of Soviet origin. I decided to make it a part of my collection as I see those artworks as a historical preservation of the country once existed and played important role in space exploration. I am also fascinated by the Soviet propaganda artworks as I see them very unique in their pattern and frankly speaking they reflect the mindset of the people leaving in USSR. There is no particular logic in this section and I decided just to keep the chronology by years of issue, and of cause those are different events, different publishers, designers, etc. I do not intend to make this section complete as this is not my focus, but will add from time to time when some interesting piece falls in my hands. Meanwhile I will limit this section my early-mid 1980s just not to make it too bulk.










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