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This serviced space cover that was issued in 1992 to commemorate International Space Year during space philately exhibition held in Saint Petersburg Museum of Communications. It has quite uncommon privately designed stamped cachet and surcharged stamp (in the lower left corner). The stamp has an overprint of a new value “353” on the 1988 USSR definitive of 1 kopek (value change of 353 times!). Notable fact that different regions in Russia had different surcharges and therefore the overprints also stated the place of issue – Saint Petersburg. It is one of a well known surcharged stamps of the "transition period". Unlike many fakes around Russian 1990s surcharges this cover was confirmed as genuine by all means. It was sent from the exhibition by Evgeny Shmaev – one of the leaders of Saint Petersburg philatelic society.

The combination of 1992 nice serviced space cover, rare exhibition cachet and genuine surcharged stamp makes it quite scarce.

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